How to Make a Field in Little Alchemy 2

If you’re an aspiring alchemist looking to create your own little world in Little Alchemy 2, you’re in for a treat! One of the essential and foundational elements you can make is a field. let’s learn how to make a field in Little Alchemy 2 together

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the simple process of creating a lush and vibrant field from scratch. No magic wands are required, just a bit of mixing and matching!

Ingredients You’ll Need to Make a Field in Little Alchemy 2

Before we start, gather these basic elements to kick off your field-creation adventure:

How to Make a Field in Little Alchemy 2
Earth🌍Starting element
Water💧Starting element
Seeds🌱Earth + Life
Sun☀️Sky + Fire
Plants🌿Earth + Seeds
Land🏞️Earth + Earth
Rain🌧️Water + Air

Combine Earth+Earth: Merge two Earth elements to lay the foundation of your field. This mixture will create a wide, open space where your plants will thrive.Combination: Earth + Earth

Watch Your Field Grow: Once you’ve successfully combined the Earth elements, your field will materialize before your eyes. It’s an empty canvas waiting to be filled with life!

Step-by-Step Guide to Make a Field in Little Alchemy 2

Now, let’s dive into the process of making your very own field:

1. Making of Seeds

Begin your alchemical journey by mixing Earth and Life. This magical blend will give you the crucial ingredient – seeds! 🌱Combination: Earth + Life

2. Summoning the Sun

No field can flourish without the warm embrace of the sun. Combine Sky and Fire to summon the life-giving sun. ☀️Combination: Sky + Fire

3. Planting the Seeds

Now that you have seeds and sunshine, it’s time to plant those seeds! Mix Earth and the seeds you created earlier to see tiny plants sprout. 🌿Combination: Earth + Seeds

4. Laying the Ground

A field needs a sturdy base. Combine Earth with more Earth to create the foundation for your growing paradise. 🏞️Combination: Earth + Earth

5. Bringing the Rain

Rainfall is nature’s way of nourishing the plants. Combine Water and Air to create rain and shower your field with life-giving water. 🌧️Combination: Water + Air

6. Harvest Time

Wait and watch as your field comes to life with vibrant plants swaying in the breeze. Your alchemical creation is now complete! 🌾

All Combinations With Field in Little Alchemy 2

Here are the Combinations with fields in Little Alchemy 2 that can further help you guide ahead in this interesting game

GrassEarth + Plant🌱 Grass🌾🌱
HarvestField + Scythe🌾 Harvest🌾🚜
ScarecrowField + Human🌾 Scarecrow🌾👤
TractorField + Car🌾 Tractor🌾🚗
WheatField + Grass🌾 Wheat🌾🌾
WindmillField + Wind🌾 Windmill🌾💨
FarmField + Livestock🌾 Farm🌾🐄
LawnmowerField + Blade🌾 Lawnmower🌾⚙️
PitchforkField + Hay🌾 Pitchfork🌾🍂
SunflowerField + Sun🌾 Sunflower🌾🌻
BarnField + House🌾 Barn🌾🏠
WheelField + Thread🌾 Wheel🌾🔗
StrawField + Scythe🌾 Straw🌾🚜
FlourField + Wheat🌾 Flour🌾🌾
HayField + Grass🌾 Hay🌾🍂
VegetableField + Life🌾 Vegetable🌾🌱
RainbowField + Rain🌾 Rainbow🌾🌈
LivestockField + Animal🌾 Livestock🌾🐾
CottonField + Plant🌾 Cotton🌾🌱
GardenField + Flower🌾 Garden🌾🌷
HorseField + Livestock🌾 Horse🌾🐴
FarmhouseField + House🌾 Farmhouse🌾🏡
CombineField + Tractor🌾 Combine🌾🚜
PlowField + Tool🌾 Plow🌾🛠️
SiloField + Container🌾 Silo🌾🏺
BreadField + Flour🌾 Bread🌾🍞
PizzaField + Dough🌾 Pizza🌾🍕
SundialField + Clock🌾 Sundial🌾🕒
FlourField + Wheat🌾 Flour🌾🌾
PotatoField + Vegetable🌾 Potato🌾🥔
JuiceField + Fruit🌾 Juice🌾🥤
SoupField + Vegetable🌾 Soup🌾🍲
SickField + Human🌾 Sick🌾😷
BirdField + Livestock🌾 Bird🌾🐦

Feel free to use this table as a handy reference as you explore the world of Little Alchemy 2 and experiment with different combinations! 🌾🧪


Congratulations, you’ve successfully created your own field in Little Alchemy 2! 🎉 By combining Earth, Water, Seeds, Sun, Plants, Land, and Rain, you’ve brought forth a thriving natural space. The beauty of alchemy lies in your ability to experiment

and create your own unique combinations. So go ahead, explore more, and see what other enchanting elements you can craft. Happy mixing! 🪄🌟


What is the “Field” element used for in Little Alchemy 2?

The “Field” element serves as a base for various agricultural and natural combinations. It’s an essential ingredient to create elements like grass, wheat, and many other items related to farming and nature.

How do I create a “Field” in Little Alchemy 2?

To create a “Field,” you need to combine two “Earth” elements. This combination represents an open area where you can plant and cultivate various elements.

Can I grow plants in the “Field” I create?

Absolutely! Once you have a “Field,” you can combine it with other elements like “Seeds,” “Plants,” and “Rain” to create a lush and thriving natural environment.

What are some interesting combinations involving the “Field” element?

There are many exciting combinations you can try with the “Field” element. For instance, you can combine it with “Wind” to create a “Windmill,” or with “Livestock” to make a “Farm.” Experimentation is key in Little Alchemy 2!

Can I use the “Field” element to create animals or creatures?

While the “Field” itself is more focused on natural and agricultural elements, you can combine it with other elements like “Livestock” or “Animal” to create animals. However, creating complex creatures might require multiple steps and combinations.

Are there any hidden or secret combinations involving the “Field”?

Little Alchemy 2 encourages exploration and experimentation. Some combinations might unlock new elements that can then be combined with the “Field” to create interesting results. Keep trying different combinations to discover hidden gems!

How can I make my “Field” more diverse and vibrant?

To make your “Field” more diverse, combine it with elements like “Flower,” “Sun,” “Rain,” and “Vegetable.” These combinations can result in a rich and colorful environment that’s teeming with life.

Can I create a “Field” using other methods besides combining “Earth” elements?

In Little Alchemy 2, the primary way to create a “Field” is by combining two “Earth” elements. The game’s mechanics are designed around these combinations, so this is the established method.

Is there a limit to how many “Fields” I can create in the game?

There’s no specific limit to how many “Fields” you can create. You can create and experiment with as many as you’d like to enhance your alchemical world.

Can I share my “Field” creations with friends?

While Little Alchemy 2 doesn’t have a built-in sharing feature, you can definitely share your discoveries with friends by describing the combinations you’ve found. It can be a fun way to exchange ideas and tips

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