How To Make Computer in Little Alchemy 2

Want a computer in Little Alchemy 2? and how To Make Computer in Little Alchemy 2 No tools, no wires, just mud and magic! This guide whispers the secrets mix fire with rocks, watch puddles grow, and presto screens and robots appear! Forget boring building, we’re talking robots

cleaning with brooms, owls sending messages, maybe even the internet! So click your mouse, not a hammer, and let’s alchemize some digital fun! Ready to build your click-powered kingdom? Let’s go!

How To Make Computer in Little Alchemy 2 Step by Step

here are the Best methods to Create Computer in Little Alchemy 2 just follow the 3 Methods and yes you are done We also we make sure that this is fully working Method

Method 1:

Duo: Mix “hacker” with “tool,” “electricity,” or “wire.” This represents the basic elements of computer construction.

Machine Maestro: Combine “hacker” with “machine.” This shows the relationship between human innovation and the physical device.

Email Envelope: Make “email” and put it in a “container.” This represents the early days of computing when information was stored in large machines and communication was digital.

Method 2:

From Water and Earth to Silicon Valley: Start with “water” and “earth” to make “mud.” Shape it into “clay” with “pressure.”

Spark of Life, Spark of Tech: Combine “clay” with “life” to create a “human.” Give them “glasses” to symbolize their technological skills.

Glasses to Google: Combine the human with “glasses” to create a “hacker.” Then, follow the steps in Method 1.

Method 3:

From Land to Logic: Start with “land.” Combine “land” with “land” to make a “continent.” This represents the physical foundations of technology.

Planets and Processors: Combine “continent” with “continent” to make a “planet.” This represents the complex circuits and components within a computer.

Sun and Solar Cells, Fire and Electricity: Combine “planet” with “fire” to make a “star.” Use a “solar cell” to turn it into “electricity.” This shows the connection between cosmic forces and the electrical currents that power our machines.

Harnessing the Spark: Finally, combine “hacker” with the “electricity” to create your laptop.

All The Combinations With Computer in Little Alchemy 2

How To Make Computer in Little Alchemy 2
Starting ElementCombination ElementResult
ComputerComputerInternet Computer
ComputerWireComputer + Wire
ComputerWebComputer + Web
ComputerNetComputer + Net
LaptopSmallLaptop Computer
ComputerNewspaperComputer + Newspaper
Robot vacuumVacuum cleanerComputer + Vacuum cleaner
Robot vacuumBroomComputer + Broom
SeaEarthPrimordial soup
Primordial soupTimeLife
SunEnergySolar cell
Solar cellSunElectricity

The Importance of Computer in Little Alchemy 2

In Little Alchemy 2, the “Computer” element plays a crucial role. Here’s why:

Opening Up a World of Knowledge:

Think of the computer as a magic key. When you mix it with things like “web” and “internet,” it unlocks a whole bunch of knowledge – like having a super smart encyclopedia.

Making Things Cool and Complicated:

The computer makes the game interesting. You can create cool stuff like robots and printers. It adds complexity, making the game more fun and challenging.

Connecting Nature and Tech:

The computer is like a bridge between nature and technology. Mix it with “hacker” and “electricity,” and you create artificial intelligence, blurring the line between humans and machines.

Pushing Things Forward:

The computer stands for progress. Its presence in the game shows that things are moving forward, and there’s always room for new and better things.

A Sign of Our Times:

In the game, the computer isn’t just a game thing. It’s a symbol of our time – where technology is everywhere. Making the computer in the game makes us think about how much we rely on machines in our real world.


Well done, digital alchemist! You’ve successfully turned simple elements into a powerful computer. This computer is a symbol of your creativity and clever combinations.

But your adventure in Little Alchemy 2 doesn’t stop here. The internet is calling, new lands are waiting to be discovered, and robots are ready for your commands. Use your new computer as a stepping stone to create even

more amazing things. Make printers to print your digital stories, program robots to dance on Martian soil, or build a network connected by email owls!

Remember, the real magic in Little Alchemy 2 isn’t just in the recipes, but in your imagination. So keep experimenting, keep exploring, and keep dreaming big. Who knows what amazing things you’ll create next?

The future is in your hands, ready to be transformed by your alchemy skills.


I used all the recipes, but I still can’t make a computer!

Don’t worry! There are many ways to create a computer in Little Alchemy 2. Try mixing “hacker” with “tool,” “electricity,” or “wire.” Explore the “Evolution of Information” path with “water” and “earth.” Remember, experimenting is the key to finding the right combo!

What can I do with a computer in Little Alchemy 2?

So much! Make a laptop for on-the-go fun, craft robots for your digital world, create printers to share cool stuff, or even build the internet to connect everything. Get creative and see what awesome things you can come up with!

Do I need “Time” to make a computer?

Nope, not necessary! “Time” can lead to other elements like “Solar cell” and “Electricity,” offering different paths to a computer. But you can definitely create one without it!

What’s the coolest way to make a computer?

In Little Alchemy 2, the possibilities are endless! Try mixing unexpected things – like crafting “email” and putting it in a “container” to represent early digital communication. There’s no right or wrong, so let your imagination go wild!

Can I make other cool tech things with a computer?

Absolutely! Once you have a computer, you’re in control. Create AI helpers, email owls like in the guide, or even construct the entire World Wide Web! The digital world is yours to explore!

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