How to Make Continent in Little Alchemy 2

Hey pals! Ready for a cool adventure in Little Alchemy 2? We’re gonna talk about making big lands, like super big! It’s like making a super-duper sandwich, but even easier.

So, imagine you’re in this awesome game, and you wanna create a huge piece of land. No worries, it’s like playing with building blocks. Just follow the steps, and you’ll be a Little Alchemy continent champ in no time.

Let’s dive into how to Make Continent in Little Alchemy 2. It’s gonna be fun, promise! 🌍

3 Methods To Make Continent in Little Alchemy 2

How to Make Continent in Little Alchemy 2

Ready to build your very own world? Let’s dive into three awesome methods to conjure up continents in Little Alchemy 2. Get ready for some magical mixing!

Method 1:

Earth + Earth ➡️ Land The Earth’s little secret: land is just two earths having a cozy chat. Now, spice it up! Land + Land = Ta-da! Continent!

Method 2:

Mountain range + Mountain range ➡️ Continent When mountains mingle, continents pop up like party invitations! Also, who knew spray and mountains could create continents? Surprise!

Method 3:

Big + Land ➡️ Continent Size matters! Big things create continents. Also, Life + Continent = Animal, because why not? And don’t forget, mixing a continent with water makes a river. Talk about a liquid vacation spot!

But wait, there’s more! Ever wondered what happens when a volcano meets a continent? Spoiler alert: It’s explosive! And if a continent gets cozy with the wind, you get your own little weather system. Nature, you fascinating thing, you.

Ingredients to Make Continent in Little Alchemy 2

EarthThe foundation of it all. Without earth, we’re just floating in space. Combine two earths to create the groundwork for something monumental.
LandThe building block of continents. Mix and match earth with earth, and voilà – you’ve got land! It’s like playing with cosmic Lego bricks.
BigSize matters in the world of alchemy. Blend earth with big to supersize your creation. Big things are happening, literally!
Mountain RangeLet’s add a touch of drama. Combine mountain range with mountain range for some epic elevation. It’s like creating the Himalayas of Little Alchemy.

Ingredients for the Earth Element: | Fire + Air | | Water + Stone |

Once you’ve got the Earth element, the adventure begins!

Creating Land:

Combine Earth + Earth → Voila, you’ve got Land!

Now Finale Method Making a Continent:

Merge two Lands together → Congratulations, you’ve just birthed a Continent!

But wait, there’s more!

Alternate method to Continent Creation:

  1. Combine Mountain range and mountain range for a majestic touch.
  2. Spice it up with Spray + Mountain for a coastal vibe.

Troubleshooting? Cheat Codes to the Rescue:

  • Land + Big
  • Land + Earth
  • CountryFanon + CountryFanon (for the rebellious souls)

All the Combinations and Recipes with the continent in little alchemy 2

Mix TheseGet This
Land + LandBig Piece of Land
Mountain + MountainTall Land
Water Mist + MountainMisty Land
Land + BigReally Big Land
Land + EarthEarthy Land
Made-Up Country + CountryImaginary Big Land

Creating big pieces of land is like making a giant sandwich! 🌍 Let’s mix some stuff and see what we get:

Mix This with ThatYou’ll Get This
Land + OceanHuge Land Surrounded by Water
Land + LifeWhole World
Land + FireFire Mountain
Land + WaterSandy Beach
Land + AirWindy Land
Land + PlantsTree-Filled Land
Land + AnimalsAnimal-Filled Land
Land + DesertSandy Land
Land + IceFrozen Land
Land + SnowSnowy Land
Land + MountainsLots of Tall Mountains
Land + VolcanoFiery Mountain
Land + RiverFlowing Stream
Land + LakeSmall Pond

Now, let’s mix some cool things together:

Mix These Big ThingsGet Something Awesome
Big Land + Bigger LandSuper Big Land
Big Land + Earth + LifeSuper Earth with Lots of Life
Big Land + World + SpaceBig World in Space
Big Land + Fire + Fiery StuffSuper Fiery Mountain
Big Land + Water + Sunny DayHappy Beach
Big Land + Wind + Air + CloudsHigh Windy Sky
Big Land + Trees + Lots of PlantsGigantic Green Forest
Big Land + Animals + Wild CatSafari Adventure
Big Land + Sandy Desert + Hot SunHuge Hot Sandy Desert
Big Land + Frozen Ice + Tall MountainReally Cold Tall Mountain
Big Land + Tall Mountains + Fiery MountainRing of Fire
Big Land + Flowing River + WaterLong Flowing River
Big Land + Small Lake + WaterMysterious Water Home

Mix, match, and make your own land sandwich! 🌋🌲 Happy creating!

Factors to consider before Creating a continent in Little Alchemy 2

Ready to craft a continent that’ll make your imagination do the happy dance? Let’s dive in with the essentials:

Size and Shape:

Picture this – your continent is like a canvas for your epic story. Bigger means more room for cool stuff, like diverse landscapes and adventures. But hey, smaller can be special too, carving out its own niche in your world.

Geographical Features:

Mountains, valleys, and coastlines, oh my! Think of them as nature’s flavor palette. Mountains bring drama, valleys give you fertile ground, and coastlines? Well, they’re like the world’s coolest trading posts.


What’s the weather like in your neck of the world? Deserts? Rainforests? It’s like picking the outfit for your continent. Are you going for the arid, sandy look, or lush and tropical vibes? Your call.


Every continent needs a stash of goodies. Rich minerals for industry, fertile land for farming, and lush forests for, you know, epic treehouses. What resources will shape the destiny of your land?

Cultural Diversity:

Imagine your continent as a giant melting pot of awesomeness. Different folks, with their own languages, traditions, and quirky customs. It’s like a cultural buffet, and you’re the chef creating the perfect blend.


Even if your continent is the Beyoncé of land masses, it’s not an island (unless it is). How does it chat with the rest of the world? Trade routes? Diplomatic ties? Think of it like your continent’s social media game – who’s it following, who’s following back?


In conclusion, creating a continent in Little Alchemy 2 can be an exciting and rewarding process. By combining various elements and using your creativity, you can unlock new combinations that lead to the formation of a continent. Remember to experiment

with different combinations and pay attention to the hints provided in the game to discover hidden elements. Little Alchemy 2 is all about exploration and discovery, so enjoy the journey of crafting your very own continent!


What ingredients do I need to mix to create a continent in Little Alchemy 2?

To whip up a continent, combine things like earth and land. Mix and match different elements to see what clicks.

Are there any sneaky elements that help make a continent?

Absolutely! Keep an eye on the hints in the game—they can be like treasure maps. Experiment with combinations, and who knows what hidden gems you might uncover!

I’m kind of stuck. Any tips for discovering new combos?

Break out of the box! Try combining things that might not seem related. And don’t forget to revisit combos you’ve tried before—adding something new might just do the trick. Patience is the name of the game.

Can I take back a mix if it doesn’t make a continent?

Nope, once it’s mixed, it’s mixed. But don’t worry—you can always start fresh. Refresh the page or begin a new game to dive back into the alchemical fun.

Got any special tricks for making a continent faster?

While there’s no express train, paying attention to hints and being a bit organized helps. Break down “continent” into simple bits and see what clicks when you mix things up.

I’ve tried everything, but no continent. Any advice?

Double-check your mixes and make sure you’ve got all the base elements. Also, scout around for other players’ tips online. Sometimes a different perspective can open up a whole new world of combinations.

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