How to Make Grave in Little Alchemy 2

Greetings, alchemists! Ever wondered about the enigmatic process of creating a grave in Little Alchemy 2? Join me on a brief journey into the game’s mystic world as we explore the secrets and provide valuable insights.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or a curious novice, get ready to enhance your alchemical skills and discover the magic behind “how to Make Grave in Little Alchemy 2.” Let the adventure begin!

How to Make Grave in Little Alchemy 2

Ingredients to Make Grave in Little Alchemy 2

Earth: Start by making mud. Mix Water and Earth, and then add Stone to create a magical substance called Clay.

Corpse: Bring life into your creation! Combine Clay and Life to form a person. Wait patiently, and when the time is right, add Time to turn your person into a mysterious Corpse.

Coffin: Every final rest needs a cozy place. Craft a Coffin by combining two pieces of Wood. These sturdy Planks will become the sacred home for your Corpse.

Combining the Elements:

Coffin + Earth: Merge the Coffin with the Earth to create a Grave. Picture it like a peaceful bed for the Coffin, nestled in the ground.

Corpse + Coffin: Alternatively, join the Corpse with the Coffin for another way to create the Grave. It’s like the Corpse finding its perfect resting spot.

Other Paths: Explore unique combinations! Use Field with Coffin, Corpse, or try Forest with Corpse to shape a Grave. Nature and mystery come together in unexpected ways.

All the Combinations and Recipes with Grave In Little Alchemy 2

Tombstone Time:

Combine “grave” and “stone,” and voila! You’ve made a tombstone. It’s like turning a rock into a meaningful memorial.

Coffin Botany:

Mix “grave” with “tree” to discover nature’s afterlife secrets. You’ve found a way to turn a tree into a cozy resting place—a natural coffin.

The Undead Equation:

Ever wondered what happens when you mix “grave” with “zombie”? You get the undead! It’s like a spooky science experiment gone right.

Soulful Air:

Combine “grave” with “air” to create a soul. The air takes on an eerie essence, showing that even the intangible can have a significant impact.

Hellfire Fusion:

Mix “grave” with “fire” to create hell itself. It’s a fiery connection to the afterlife, where things get a bit heated, to say the least.

Ghosts in the Light:

Illuminate the dark by combining “grave” with “light” to summon ghosts. It’s like catching glimpses of the ethereal in the glow of a nightlight.

Buried in Earth:

Blend “grave” with “earth” to create a burial. It’s like giving the earth its own sacred secret—a place where stories rest.

Piranha Party:

Add a splash of danger by combining “grave” with “water” to reveal piranhas. Now, that’s a watery grave with a bite!

EarthGraveWhere things get serious. Coffins, fields, and forests all start here. Think of it as Mother Nature’s recycling bin.
ContainerThe Earth’s Tupperware – holding everything together.
WaterMistEarth’s mystical cousin. It’s like the planet’s morning breath, creating a magical haze.
PondA puddle’s grand upgrade, perfect for a reflective afternoon chill.
SeaThe big leagues! Lakes graduate to seas in this aquatic game of evolution.
OceanThe sea’s older, wiser sibling. Impressive, isn’t it?
AirCloudCloud’s less charming cousin, is a bit too urban for comfort.
SmogThe subtle cousin of the explosion brings a touch of mystery to the party.
FireExplosionFiery drama! When things get a little too heated, kaboom!
SmokeAir and water show off their dynamic dance moves.
PlantTreeEarth’s way of saying, “Look, I made life!” A collaboration with the sun.
FlowerA water and sun love story that ends with a burst of color.
Miscellaneous FunTeaThe water-plant combo you didn’t know you needed for that perfect brew.
GlassWater’s chic makeover – talk about a clear transformation!
DesertEarth’s hot yoga session – sun, sand, and a lot of heat.
For Weather EnthusiastsStormThe subtle cousin of the explosion, brings a touch of mystery to the party.
WavesWind and water teaming up for a beach party.

What is Grave in Little Alchemy 2

a game where you combine elements to create new things, and one intriguing combo is the creation of a grave. Let’s dig into the details!

Creating a Grave
Ingredients: Earth + Coffin
Result: A peaceful resting place marked by a gravestone.

Creating a grave opens up a whole new world of possibilities in the game. It’s like unlocking a treasure chest of items! Here are some cool things you can craft once you’ve got that grave in place:

Ghost: Spooky! Combine the grave with the spirit to conjure up a ghostly friend.

Death: A bit morbid, but fascinating! Mix grave with a time element, and you’ve got the concept of death.

Pyramid: Get adventurous! Combine grave with sand, and voila, you’ve built yourself a tiny pyramid.

Graveyard: Expand your resting place! Combine a couple of graves to create a full-fledged graveyard.

Graves in Little Alchemy 2 aren’t just about creating stuff; they also offer a deeper message. Think about it – they represent the cycle of life, the importance of remembering those who came before us, and a gentle nudge to live life to the fullest.

And hey, it’s not all gloomy! There’s a dash of humor in there too. Imagine the conversations these elements might have if they could talk. “Hey Coffin, let’s team up with Earth and create a spot for eternal relaxation!”


As our alchemical exploration comes to a close, you’ve gained the knowledge to weave the intricate threads of creation and conjure a grave in Little Alchemy 2. May your future endeavors in this enchanting world be filled with discovery and mastery.

Remember, the magic lies not only in the destination but in the journey of uncovering the secrets that make the virtual alchemical realm truly extraordinary.

Farewell, fellow alchemists, and may your adventures continue to be filled with wonder and fascination. Until the next arcane pursuit, happy crafting!


What are the ingredients needed to make a grave in Little Alchemy 2?

To create a grave, you’ll need to combine the elements of Earth and Coffin. Drag and drop these elements onto each other, and you’ll unveil a peaceful resting place marked by a gravestone.

Where can I find Earth and Coffin elements in the game?

Earth is a fundamental element that’s often available from the start. Coffin, on the other hand, can be crafted by combining Wood and Corpse.

What can I do with a grave once it’s created?

Once you’ve got a grave, the alchemical possibilities expand! You can use it to create items like Ghost, Death, Pyramid, and even a Graveyard by combining it with other elements.

Can I undo the creation of a grave if I want to use the Earth and Coffin elements separately again?

Unfortunately, Little Alchemy 2 doesn’t have an undo feature. Once you’ve combined elements to create something, you can’t break it back down. But hey, there’s a whole world of combinations waiting to be explored!

Is there any specific order in combining Earth and Coffin to make a grave?

Nope, there’s no specific order. You can place Earth over Coffin or Coffin over Earth – the result will be the same: a freshly made grave.

Are there any other interesting combinations involving a grave?

Absolutely! Experiment with combining a grave with other elements to discover new and intriguing items. Ghosts, pyramids, and graveyards are just the beginning!

Can I use a grave to create more than one ghost?

Yes! Once you’ve created a ghost from a grave, you can use the ghost element in future combinations to make even more spectral apparitions.

Does the game provide any hints on creating a grave?

Little Alchemy 2 offers a hint system if you get stuck. Look for the light bulb icon on the top right corner of the screen, and it might give you a clue about combining elements.

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