How to Make Hospital in Little Alchemy 2

Hello, little alchemists! Ready for a magical journey into the world of Little Alchemy 2 to create something extraordinary? Buckle up your virtual lab coats because we’re about to mix and match some elements to bring a hospital into existence.

But don’t worry, it’s all in good fun, and no real hospitals will be harmed in the process! We’ve tested it thoroughly, and now it’s your turn to swiftly create this simple hospital.

So, let’s dive into the magic of “How to Make Hospital in Little Alchemy 2” and turn your screen into a medical wonderland!

What is a hospital?

A hospital is a place where people go to get better when they are sick or injured. Hospitals have doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers who help people get better.

How to Make Hospital in Little Alchemy 2

How to make a hospital in Little Alchemy 2

There are three ways to make a hospital in Little Alchemy 2:

Combine a house and sickness. This makes sense because hospitals are places where people go to get better from sickness.

Combine a house and an ambulance. Ambulances are vehicles that take people to the hospital, so this also makes sense.

Combine a house and a doctor. Doctors work in hospitals, so this is also a logical way to make a hospital.

Here is a table of all the ways to make a hospital in Little Alchemy 2:

Element 1Element 2Result

Another Method To Make Hospital in Little Alchemy 2

To build a hospital, you’ll need to combine different elements to create it. It’s a bit like making a special recipe. But instead of food, we’re creating a place to help sick and injured people. Here are the elements you’ll need:

  1. Doctor: A smart person who helps patients.
  2. House: A safe place for the hospital.
  3. Sickness: What the doctors are going to help with.
  4. Time: Because hospitals are open 24/7.

Now, let’s put on our scientist hats and get started!

Step 1: Doctor + Time = Doctor’s Shift

First, we need some doctors to work at our hospital. But doctors don’t work all day and night. They have shifts, like when you have bedtime. So, let’s create a “Doctor’s Shift” by combining “Doctor” and “Time.”

Step 2: House + Doctor’s Shift = Hospital

Next, we need a building for our doctors to work in. That’s where the “House” comes in. But it’s not just any house; it’s a “Hospital” because it’s where doctors help sick people during their shifts. Combine “House” with “Doctor’s Shift,” and voilà! You’ve got yourself a hospital!

Step 3: Sickness + Hospital = Patients

Now, a hospital isn’t much use without patients. We need some “Patients” to make it feel like a real hospital. So, combine “Sickness” (the reason why people go to the hospital) with your newly created “Hospital.”

Step 4: Doctor + Patients = Healing

Our hospital is all set up, but we need our doctors to do what they do best: heal patients! Combine “Doctor” with “Patients,” and you’ll see some “Healing” happening. The doctors are making the patients feel better.

Step 5: Hospital + Healing = Healthy Hospital

Now, we have a “Hospital” with “Healing” going on inside. But guess what? It’s still not complete! We want our hospital to be the best, so combine “Hospital” with “Healing” to create a “Healthy Hospital.” Healthy hospitals are happy places where people feel better.

Step 6: Healthy Hospital + Time = 24/7 Hospital

Our hospital is healthy, but it’s not open all the time. Hospitals need to be available 24/7 because sickness doesn’t wait for bedtime! Combine “Healthy Hospital” with “Time” to make it a “24/7 Hospital.”

Congratulations! You’ve Built a Hospital!

You did it, little alchemists! You’ve created a fully operational hospital to help people when they’re not feeling their best. Now, you can watch your hospital work around the clock, healing patients and making the world a healthier place.

All The Combinations and Recipes With Hospital in Little Alchemy 2

Here’s a table of all the combinations and recipes you can make with “Hospital” in Little Alchemy 2:

Doctor + TimeDoctor’s Shift
House + Doctor’s ShiftHospital
Sickness + HospitalPatients
Doctor + PatientsHealing
Hospital + HealingHealthy Hospital
Healthy Hospital + Time24/7 Hospital
Hospital + ElectricityHealth Machine
Hospital + HumanPatient
Healthy Hospital + RobotCyborg
Hospital + SkyHelipad
24/7 Hospital + VampireNightshift
Hospital + WizardMagic Hospital
Healthy Hospital + ZombieInfirmary
24/7 Hospital + MonsterEmergency Room
Hospital + StorySoap Opera
Healthy Hospital + UFOAlien Hospital
24/7 Hospital + CastleClinic
Hospital + DogTherapy Dog
Hospital + RainbowLeprechaun
Hospital + SnowmanFrostbite
Hospital + GlassX-ray
Healthy Hospital + BeastUnicorn Hospital
24/7 Hospital + BroomJanitor
Healthy Hospital + CarAmbulance
Healthy Hospital + AircraftAir Ambulance
Healthy Hospital + ShipShip Ambulance
24/7 Hospital + RiverFlood
Healthy Hospital + PlaneMedical Plane
24/7 Hospital + FireFirst Aid
24/7 Hospital + ExplosionBomb Squad
Hospital + SoundAlarm
Hospital + Cell PhoneTelemedicine
Hospital + ComputerElectronic Health
Healthy Hospital + BeeBeekeeper
Hospital + ClockWait
24/7 Hospital + BeeBeehive
Hospital + RobotRobo-Doctor
Hospital + Oxygen MaskRespirator
Healthy Hospital + PoisonToxicology
Healthy Hospital + HamsterLab Rat
24/7 Hospital + SubwaySubway Station
Hospital + CheeseSwiss Cheese
Healthy Hospital + MonkeyResearch Lab
24/7 Hospital + BicycleBicycle Ambulance
24/7 Hospital + CarDrive-Thru
24/7 Hospital + BoatRescue Boat
Hospital + PencilMedical Notes
Healthy Hospital + StatueArt Therapy
24/7 Hospital + IceFrostbite
Hospital + SeaSeashell
Hospital + TequilaTequila Mockingbird

These are all the combinations you can make with “Hospital” in Little Alchemy 2. Have fun experimenting and discovering new elements and recipes!

Importance of Hospital in Little Alchemy 2

The hospital” element is an essential and versatile component that plays a significant role in the game. It serves as a building block for creating various other elements, expanding your options for experimentation and discovery.

Here’s a table highlighting the importance of the “Hospital” element and its role in creating new combinations:

Doctor’s ShiftDoctor + TimeA doctor’s working shift
PatientsSickness + HospitalIndividuals seeking medical care
HealingDoctor + PatientsThe process of patients getting better
Healthy HospitalHospital + HealingA fully operational and healthy hospital
24/7 HospitalHealthy Hospital + TimeA hospital open round the clock
Health MachineHospital + ElectricityA medical equipment
PatientHospital + HumanAn individual receiving medical care
CyborgHealthy Hospital + RobotHospital for Mythical Creatures
HelipadHospital + SkyA landing pad for helicopters
Nightshift24/7 Hospital + VampireHospital staff working at night
Magic HospitalHospital + WizardA mystical medical facility
InfirmaryHealthy Hospital + ZombieA place for treating the undead
Emergency Room24/7 Hospital + MonsterSpecialized care for emergencies
Soap OperaHospital + StoryA dramatic medical story
Alien HospitalHealthy Hospital + UFOHospital for extraterrestrial beings
Clinic24/7 Hospital + CastleA smaller medical facility
Therapy DogHospital + DogA dog that provides comfort
LeprechaunHospital + RainbowA mischievous Irish creature
FrostbiteHospital + SnowmanInjury from freezing
X-rayHospital + GlassA diagnostic tool for imaging
Unicorn HospitalHealthy Hospital + BeastHospital for mythical creatures
Janitor24/7 Hospital + BroomA cleaner at the hospital
AmbulanceHealthy Hospital + CarA vehicle for medical emergencies
Air AmbulanceHealthy Hospital + AircraftAn airborne medical transport
Ship AmbulanceHealthy Hospital + ShipA water-based medical transport
Flood24/7 Hospital + RiverOverflowing water
Medical PlaneHealthy Hospital + PlaneAn airplane equipped for medical care
First Aid24/7 Hospital + FireInitial medical help
Bomb Squad24/7 Hospital + ExplosionExperts in handling explosives
AlarmHospital + SoundA warning signal
TelemedicineHospital + Cell PhoneMedical consultation via phone
Electronic HealthHospital + ComputerDigital health information
BeekeeperHealthy Hospital + BeeA keeper of bees
WaitHospital + ClockPassing time
Beehive24/7 Hospital + BeeHome for bees
Robo-DoctorHospital + RobotA robotic medical professional
RespiratorHospital + Oxygen MaskBreathing support device
ToxicologyHealthy Hospital + PoisonStudy of poisons and their effects
Lab RatHealthy Hospital + HamsterA test subject in experiments
Subway Station24/7 Hospital + SubwayA train stop near the hospital
Swiss CheeseHospital + CheeseCheese with holes
Research LabHealthy Hospital + MonkeyA laboratory for research
Bicycle Ambulance24/7 Hospital + BicycleA pedal-powered medical transport
Drive-Thru24/7 Hospital + CarA convenient car-based service
Rescue Boat24/7 Hospital + BoatA watercraft for emergencies
Medical NotesHospital + PencilRecords of medical information
Art TherapyHealthy Hospital + StatueTherapeutic art activities
Frostbite24/7 Hospital + IceCold-induced injury
SeashellHospital + SeaA shell from the sea
Tequila MockingbirdHospital + TequilaA humorous drink name

The “Hospital” element in Little Alchemy 2 is like a hub that connects with various other elements, enabling you to explore and experiment with a wide range of combinations.

It’s an integral part of the game’s mechanics, allowing you to create new elements and advance in your alchemical journey. So, have fun mixing and matching to discover all the exciting possibilities!


You’ve done it, young alchemists! Your hospital is up and running, ready to mend the world one patient at a time. Picture your hospital as a bustling hub, with doctors working tirelessly, and the world becoming a healthier, happier place by the

minute. But remember, Little Alchemy 2 isn’t just about science; it’s about a world of wonder and fun. So, let your imagination soar as you mix and match elements. Who knows, you might stumble upon something even more extraordinary than a

hospital – like a “Doctor Unicorn” or “Medicine with a Chocolate Twist”! The possibilities are as endless as the stars in the sky.

So, keep exploring, keep experimenting, and, most importantly, keep the magic alive! 😄🌟🔍🧪


Why is the “Hospital” element important in Little Alchemy 2?

The “Hospital” element is important because it serves as a fundamental building block for creating numerous other elements in the game. It enables players to explore a wide range of combinations and discover new elements and stories.

Can I create other types of hospitals in Little Alchemy 2?

Yes, you can create various types of hospitals in the game, such as “Healthy Hospital,” “Magic Hospital,” or even “Unicorn Hospital,” by combining the “Hospital” element with different elements related to your desired theme.

Why do I need a “Healthy Hospital”?

A “Healthy Hospital” is essential because it’s the foundation of a fully operational medical facility. It’s the key to creating many other medical-related elements.

Can I create more elements related to medicine after making a hospital?

Absolutely! Once you have a “Hospital,” you can experiment with combinations to create various medical elements, including “Ambulances,” “X-rays,” and even “Robo-Doctors.”

What are some fun and unexpected combinations involving a hospital?

You can create a “Magic Hospital” by combining “Hospital” with “Wizard” or a “Cyborg” by combining “Healthy Hospital” with “Robot.” The game is full of surprises!

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