How to Make Lightning in Little Alchemy 2

“Ever imagined making mini-thunderstorms right in your hands? Well, in Little Alchemy 2, you can! You get to wield the power of lightning, but how exactly do you do that with digital elements? Don’t worry, fellow alchemists,

this guide is here to help you crack the code and spill the beans on creating your own tiny lightning bolts. So, grab your thinking caps, and let’s unleash your inner Zeus because it’s time to learn How to Make Lightning in Little Alchemy 2!

We’ll take it step by step, exploring the elemental pathways to uncover the recipe for your very own storm. Get ready for a shockingly good journey!”

Quick Answer To Make Lightning in Little Alchemy 2

First, mix “earth” and “fire” to get some “energy.” Then, add “air” to the mix to boost that “energy.” Now, take that charged-up “energy” and mix it with “earth” to create “fire.”

Once you’ve got “fire,” let’s do some more combining. Mix it with “metal” to amp up the “energy” again. Next, combine that newfound “energy” with more “metal” to make “electricity.”

Now, the grand finale! Combine your “electricity” with “air,” and voila! You’ve just made some awesome “lightning.” Easy, right? Have fun experimenting!

How to Make Lightning in Little Alchemy 2

Step 1

To start our journey, we need two important things: Energy and Cloud.

Getting Energy:

  • Easy Fire: Combine two Fire elements, and voila! You’ve got Energy. It’s like capturing the power of a little flame.
  • Sunny Electricity: Mix Sun with a Solar Cell to make Electricity. Then, turn that Electricity into Energy. It’s like using sunlight to power up.

Making a Cloud:

  • Water and Air Combo: Mix Water and Air together to make a light and fluffy Cloud. This cloud is where our lightning show will happen.
  • Stormy Mix: Combine Land and Storm to make a dark, rumbling Cloud. This one’s full of potential for creating lightning.

Step 2

Now that we have our ingredients, it’s time for the magic. Bring Energy and Cloud together, and watch the sparks fly! A quick crackle, a bright flash, and ta-da! Lightning dances across your screen. You did it!

Step 3

Sure, the basic method works, but Little Alchemy 2 loves surprises. Check out these fun alternatives:

Get Divine Help:

  • Bring in Zeus, the powerful Greek god. Mix him with a Tool to unleash his thunder, turning it into Lightning on your screen.

Cyclops’ Fury:

  • Combine Cyclops with a Tool, and watch his fiery hammer strike the heavens, creating Lightning. It’s like forging rage into a storm!

Power Recycling:

  • If you’ve made Electricity already, don’t waste it. Mix it with a Cloud, Storm, or Rain to reignite the spark and create another bolt of Lightning.

Step 4:

Little Alchemy 2 is like a big playground. Have fun experimenting! Mix different elements, see what happens, and discover new ways to make lightning.

Maybe you’ll find hidden combos or unlock secret elements to make your electrical mastery even cooler.

All The Combinations and Recipes with Lightning in Little Alchemy 2

Lightning is very powerful, but in Little Alchemy 2, it does more than just create lights. It can make legendary weapons and strong potions. Let’s explore the exciting combinations and recipes you can discover with a well-timed bolt!”

Ingredient 1Ingredient 2ResultNotes
LightningCloudStormSee the impressive display of a powerful storm!
LightningRainAcid RainBe cautious, this rain might harm plants.
LightningMetalThunder AxeA legendary weapon fit for a hero like Thor!
LightningStoneFulguriteDiscover a rare glass formed by the touch of lightning.
LightningWaterElectric EelElectrify the depths with this shocking creature.
LightningFlowerElectric FlowerAdmire a mesmerizing bloom with a vibrant glow.
LightningTreeSparkling TreeIlluminate the night with this mystical tree.
LightningBirdPhoenixWitness rebirth from ashes with this mythical bird.
LightningUnicornAlicornUnleash the hidden power of the unicorn!
LightningDragonElectric DragonChannel the fury of the storm in this fearsome beast.
LightningTimeFutureGet a glimpse into the unknown with this combination.
LightningMagicLightning SpellMaster the arcane arts with this magical spell.
LightningScienceTesla CoilHarness electric power for innovative creations.
LightningArtAbstract SculptureCapture the storm’s fury in a modern masterpiece.
Lightning (multiple)CombineSuper LightningExperience an epic electrical display with this combination.

Hidden Tricks and Electrifying Exploration:

“Hey there! When you’re playing Little Alchemy 2, try mixing lightning with all sorts of things to discover cool recipes. It’s like a fun experiment!

Oh, and don’t forget, using lots of lightning bolts together can create even cooler stuff. It’s like a superpower!

Keep exploring the game because new things are always getting added. You can make all kinds of awesome things with lightning.

With this guide and a bit of excitement, you’ll become a pro at using lightning in Little Alchemy 2. You’ve got the power right in your hands… and at your fingertips! So, go ahead, have fun, and light up the universe!”

Importance of Lightning in Little Alchemy 2

In Little Alchemy 2, lightning isn’t just a cool light display – it’s like a magical ingredient that unlocks a whole bunch of awesome things! Let me tell you why lightning is so important:”

1. Powerful Potions and Tools:

Give your tools a boost! Mix lightning with metal to create a super-strong Thunder Axe, perfect for tackling the toughest trees.

Whip up some electrifying drinks! Blend lightning with water to make zappy Acid Rain. It might not be great for plants, but it’s perfect for cool experiments.

2. Mythical Creatures and Wonders:

Summon a legendary bird! Hit a regular bird with a lightning bolt, and voila – you’ve got a majestic Phoenix rising from the ashes!

Light up the night! Give a tree a jolt of lightning and see it transform into a sparkling beauty that shines brighter than any firefly.

3. Unlocking the Unknown:

Get a glimpse into the future! Combine lightning with time, and who knows what you might see… maybe flying cars or robot dinosaurs?

Master magic and science! Mix lightning with magic to learn a powerful Lightning Spell, or use it with science to build a Tesla Coil for the ultimate electric experiments.

4. Endless Experimentation:

Lightning is like a wild card in Little Alchemy 2. Try combining it with anything and everything – you never know what amazing new thing you might create!

The more you experiment, the more you unlock. Remember, there’s always something new to discover in this pocket-sized world.


Great job, alchemists! You’ve figured out how to make lightning in Little Alchemy 2. Just remember, the key is to try different things – mix stuff, explore new paths,

and let your creativity shine! With a bit of practice, you’ll be creating mini-thunderstorms like a pro.

So, keep playing around, enjoy the journey, and see what cool combinations you can discover. Little Alchemy 2 is full of possibilities, so have fun experimenting and becoming a lightning wizard!


Can I make lightning without starting from scratch?

Absolutely! If you already have things like electricity or clouds, you can skip a few steps. For instance, mix electricity and clouds together, and voilà, you’ve got lightning!

What can I do with lightning?

Lightning isn’t just for show – it’s pretty useful! You can use it to make electricity, power up machines, or even create mythical creatures like Frankenstein’s monster.

I’m stuck! What if I can’t figure out the next step?

No worries! The internet is here to help. Check out online guides, communities, and walkthroughs for ideas and tips. Remember, half the fun is exploring and figuring things out on your own!

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