How to Make Oxygen in Little Alchemy 2

Ahoy, aspiring sorcerers of Little Alchemy 2! Get ready to stir up some magic as we embark on an adventure to create a breath of fresh air – oxygen! 🌬️ Grab your elemental wands and let’s concoct a potion that even the most mischievous pixie would

Before we dive into the mystical recipe on how to Make Oxygen in Little Alchemy 2, let’s unravel the secret of oxygen. Think of it as the VIP pass to the ultimate party

the one that keeps you alive and things ablaze! It’s like the sparkling confetti that makes life’s chemical reactions dazzle. ✨

Ingredients to make oxygen in Little Alchemy 2

How to Make Oxygen in Little Alchemy 2

To whip up a batch of oxygen, gather your elements just like you’d gather friends for a potion-making party. Here’s the invite list:

Elements NeededMagical Dance
Water🔵💧 + 🔴💧 + 🔴💧

Time to Mix Some Magic to Make Oxygen 🧙‍♂️

Get your science goggles on, because we’re about to create some awesomeness:

Water: Think of water like a puzzle. Take two blue water drops (💧🔵) and one red water drop (💧🔴). Put them together like you’re building a tower of water drops!

Air: Now, imagine finding a teeny-tiny breeze, like a gentle wind on a sunny day. That’s the air element (💨) we’re looking for!

Mix It Up: Pour your water tower onto the air breeze, and poof! You’ve done it – you’ve made oxygen (💨)! It’s like magic in a science potion!

Oxygen’s Silly Side 😄

Guess what? Oxygen isn’t just serious science stuff. It’s got a funny bone too! It’s like the jokester of the science world, making everything more fun.

Oxygen’s Awesome Tricks 🪄🎈

Oxygen has some tricks up its sleeve:

Breathing Buddy: We need oxygen to breathe. It’s like our special buddy that gives us the energy to play, run, and laugh!

Firework Fan: Oxygen loves to party with fire. It’s the reason candles flicker and bonfires roar!

Space Explorer: Even rockets need oxygen for their space adventures. It’s like the rocket’s yummy snack that helps it zoom into the stars!

You’re a Science Superstar! ⭐🌟

Congratulations, budding scientists! You’ve just become masters of oxygen-making magic. Little Alchemy 2 is your playground of wonder,

where science and fun shake hands. Keep mixing, keep exploring, and keep that curious sparkle alive. Who knows what other fantastic surprises you’ll uncover? Keep shining bright, little wizards! 🌈🔮

All The Combinations With Oxygen in Little Alchemy 2

Oxygen + WaterH2O (Water)
Oxygen + HydrogenH2O (Water)
Oxygen + CarbonCarbon Dioxide (CO2)
Oxygen + SulfurSulfur Dioxide (SO2)
Oxygen + NitrogenNitric Acid (HNO3)
Oxygen + SodiumSodium Peroxide (Na2O2)
Oxygen + Hydrogen PeroxideWater + Oxygen
Oxygen + Organic MatterFire
Oxygen + ToolTorch
Oxygen + SugarCarbon Dioxide (CO2) + Water
Oxygen + SpaceOzone

Ingredient Image Guide for Better Understanding 🌟🔥

To make your journey even more enchanting, let’s add emojis to help you grasp the essence of each combination:

Element CombinationResult
Water: 💧🔴 + 💧🔵H2O (Water)
Hydrogen: 💧🔴 + 💧🔴H2 (Hydrogen)
Carbon: 💧🔴 + 🔶Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Sulfur: 💧🔴 + 🔶Sulfur Dioxide (SO2)
Nitrogen: 💧🔴 + 🔵Nitric Acid (HNO3)
Sodium: 💧🔴 + 🔵Sodium Peroxide (Na2O2)
Hydrogen Peroxide: 💧🔴 + 💧🔴 + 🧪Water + Oxygen
Organic Matter: 💧🔴 + 🌿Fire
Tool: 💧🔴 + 🔧Torch
Sugar: 💧🔴 + 🍬Carbon Dioxide (CO2) + Water
Space: 💧🔴 + 🌌Ozone

Feel free to refer to this table for a quick and clear understanding of the various combinations involving oxygen in Little Alchemy 2.


And there you have it, amazing adventurers! You’ve unlocked the secrets of creating oxygen in Little Alchemy 2. With a dash of water, a sprinkle of air, and a touch of imagination, you’ve made something truly incredible

the breath of life itself! Remember, science is like a treasure hunt. Every experiment you do, and every question you ask, is a step closer to

discovering the wonders of the world around us. Little Alchemy 2 is your magical playground to explore, create, and learn. So keep mixing, keep experimenting, and keep your curiosity alive!


What is oxygen, and why is it important?

Oxygen is a gas that we breathe. It’s like the superhero of the air, giving us energy and making fire burn. It’s also the key for rockets to zoom into space

How do I make oxygen in Little Alchemy 2?

Making oxygen is like a science potion. Mix water (💧🔴 + 💧🔵) and air (💨), and poof – you’ve got oxygen (💨)!

Can oxygen be funny?

Absolutely! Oxygen loves to have a good laugh. It’s like the class clown of science, making things interesting and exciting.

What are oxygen’s tricks?

Oxygen has some cool tricks! It’s the reason we can breathe, it makes fires dance, and it even helps rockets go on space adventures!

Can I do more experiments in Little Alchemy 2?

Definitely! Little Alchemy 2 is like a science playground. Mix different elements and see what happens. Who knows what other amazing discoveries you’ll make?

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