How to Make Shuriken in Little Alchemy 2

Step into the ninja’s world with “How to Make Shuriken in Little Alchemy 2.” Imagine mixing stuff like a wizard but cooler! Little Alchemy 2 is your potion-making playground.

This time, we’re not making silly things; we’re Creating ninja stars shuriken! It’s like being a ninja inventor. Blend elements like a kitchen scientist until you find the secret recipe.

No Google cheats here; it’s your brainpower at work! Swipe, drag, and drop your way to creating these legendary throwing stars. Unleash your inner ninja, mix up some magic, and become the Shuriken Master in the Alchemy world! Ready, set, ninja-blend!

Step-by-Step Guide to Make Shuriken in Little Alchemy 2

How to Make Shuriken in Little Alchemy 2

here is the step-by-step guide for you to make shuriken in Little Alchemy 2 is very easy anyone can use it to create Shurken

Step 1: Lay the Foundation

Start by crafting the fundamental elements:

  • Air: Combine two airs to create pressure.
  • Fire: Mix fire and water to get steam.
  • Earth: Fuse fire and earth to birth lava.
  • Water: Combine air and steam to form clouds.

Step 2: Forging Stone and Metal

Now, let’s shape the building blocks:

  • Stone: Merge air and lava to produce stone. Combine stone with earth to form a continent, then mix continents to craft a planet. Finally, unite a stone with a planet to make the moon.
  • Metal: Blend stone with fire to create the solid elegance of metal.

Step 3: Envision the Sky and Stars

Conjure the ethereal elements:

  • Sky: Fuse sun and atmosphere for the sky. Mix atmosphere with a planet to extend the vastness of the sky.
  • Star: Combine night with the sky to form stars. Experiment with different combinations like moon + star or planet + star to discover your stellar formula.

Step 4: Assemble the Shuriken

The grand finale is upon us:

  • Blade: Create a blade by combining metal and stone.
  • Shuriken: The moment you’ve been waiting for! Combine your blade with a star using various combinations like blade + star, star + metal, star + steel, star + sword, or even ninja + blade to craft your very own shuriken.

Additional Guide and Ticks For you

Patience is a Virtue: Finding the right combinations takes time, so stay persistent.

Experiment Freely: Don’t be afraid to try unexpected combinations; Little Alchemy 2 is all about exploration.

Use Hints Wisely: If you’re stuck, employ the hint system for guidance.

Fun with Friends and Family: Little Alchemy 2 is an excellent game to enjoy with loved ones.

Bonus Combinations to Explore:

  • Air + Metal = Shuriken
  • Water + Metal = Shuriken
  • Fire + Metal = Shuriken
  • Earth + Metal = Shuriken
  • Air + Star = Shuriken
  • Water + Star = Shuriken
  • Fire + Star = Shuriken
  • Earth + Star = Shuriken

Remember, these suggestions are just the tip of the alchemical iceberg. The true joy lies in experimenting and discovering unique combinations on your own. Happy crafting!

All the Recipes and Combinations with Shuriken in Little Alchemy 2


Blade + Star = Shuriken

Combine the cutting prowess of a blade with the stellar allure of a star, and voila! You’ve crafted yourself a shuriken.

Star + Metal = Shuriken

Mix the celestial essence of a star with the durability of metal, and witness the birth of the iconic throwing weapon.

Star + Steel = Shuriken

Elevate the stakes by using steel instead of mere metal in conjunction with a star, resulting in a sharper and sturdier shuriken.

Star + Sword = Shuriken

Unleash the mystique of a star meeting the power of a sword, bringing forth a unique fusion in the form of a shuriken.

Ninja + Blade = Shuriken

Combine the stealth of a ninja with the cutting edge of a blade to create the ultimate silent weapon, the shuriken.


Air + Metal = Shuriken

Harness the power of the wind, infusing it with the resilience of metal to craft a shuriken that dances gracefully through the air.

Water + Metal = Shuriken

Merge the fluidity of water with the solidity of metal, conjuring a shuriken that possesses both grace and strength.

Fire + Metal = Shuriken

Ignite your creativity by introducing the element of fire to metal, resulting in a fiery shuriken ready to make a blazing impact.

Earth + Metal = Shuriken

Ground your creation by combining the stability of earth with the malleability of metal, forming a shuriken with a steadfast presence.

Air + Star = Shuriken

Let the breezy essence of air intertwine with the celestial glow of a star, giving birth to a shuriken that seems to float effortlessly through the skies.

Water + Star = Shuriken

Infuse the fluidity of water with the magic of a star, crafting a shuriken that sparkles with both elegance and mystery.

Fire + Star = Shuriken

Ignite the celestial heavens with the fiery touch of fire, molding a shuriken that glows with an otherworldly brilliance.

Earth + Star = Shuriken

Merge the grounded stability of earth with the cosmic allure of a star, forging a shuriken that balances both earthly strength and celestial charm.

Importance of Overview of Shuriken in Little Alchemy 2

Hey, friend! Imagine you’re in this cool game called Little Alchemy 2. You’re creating stuff left and right, and guess what? The shuriken is like your hidden helper, doing some serious magic behind the scenes!

Shuriken’s Superpowers

1. Stone Makeover2. Fire Boost3. Teamwork Expert
Turns boring stones into cool toolsMakes fire go wild with creative ideasGets water and metal to be buddies and create steam

1. Stone Makeover:

So, rocks are kinda meh, right? But throw in the shuriken, and whoa! Suddenly, those stones are like Play-Doh. You can shape them into tools, buildings, or even funky art. Yep, a ninja star making art – who knew?

2. Fire Boost:

Mix the shuriken with fire, and it’s like a fireworks show in your brain! Ideas start popping up everywhere, and suddenly you’re the genius of Little Alchemy. Shuriken + Fire = Boom of Creativity!

3. Teamwork Expert:

Ever thought water and metal wouldn’t get along? Think again! The shuriken steps in, plays mediator, and bam – steam party! It’s like the ninja star is the peacekeeper of the elements.

Shuriken’s Sneaky Brilliance

While everyone’s cheering for the flashy stuff, the shuriken is the unsung hero, working its ninja magic quietly. It’s like your secret weapon, making your Little Alchemy adventure way more awesome!

So, next time you see that little ninja star icon, give it a high-five. It’s not just a weapon; it’s the VIP (Very Important Player) making your creations stand out!


crafting the shuriken in Little Alchemy 2 is like discovering the game’s secret sauce. It’s not just a ninja star; it’s a game-changer with hidden talents. From turning plain stones into creative wonders to sparking a wildfire of ideas with fire, and

even making water and metal shake hands and create steam – the shuriken is the unsung hero. While everyone is busy with the flashy elements, the shuriken quietly works its magic, adding that extra oomph to your Little Alchemy journey. So, when you’re on

the quest for cool creations, don’t overlook the power of the shuriken. It’s not just a tool; it’s your creative sidekick, making your in-game world a canvas for endless possibilities. Give that little ninja star a nod of appreciation it’s the ninja of your Little Alchemy dreams! 🌟🔮


How do I make a shuriken in Little Alchemy 2?

Creating a shuriken in Little Alchemy 2 involves combining metal and blade. Once you have these elements, voila! You’ve got yourself a ninja star.

What makes the shuriken special in the game?

The shuriken isn’t just a weapon; it’s a versatile tool. It transforms stones into malleable wonders, sparks creativity when combined with fire, and even plays mediator, bringing together elements like water and metal to create something entirely new.

Can the shuriken be used for anything besides crafting?

Absolutely! While its primary role is in the creation process, the shuriken’s influence extends beyond. It’s like a silent guide, making your journey in Little Alchemy 2 more exciting and diverse.

Are there other elements that pair well with the shuriken?

Definitely! Experiment and combine the shuriken with different elements to discover unexpected results. Try it with fire for a creativity boost or mix it up with various materials to unlock new pathways of creation.

Does the shuriken have any unique interactions with other elements?

Yes, indeed! The shuriken is a bit of a matchmaker. It can bridge the gap between seemingly opposite elements, like water and metal, creating surprising combinations like steam. It’s all about bringing elements together for exciting discoveries.

Any tips for using the shuriken effectively?

Get experimental! Don’t be afraid to combine the shuriken with various elements to uncover new possibilities. Its true magic lies in its ability to surprise you with unexpected outcomes.

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