How to Make Space in Little Alchemy 2

Are you ready to visit on a cosmic journey in the enchanting world of Little Alchemy 2? With a little bit of magic and some creative thinking, you can create the vast expanse of space itself! In this guide,

we’ll show you how to make space step by step, using easy words and clear instructions. Let’s dive in and unlock the secrets of the universe together! 🌠

Ingredients You Need to Make Space In Little Alchemy 2

To make space in Little Alchemy 2, you’ll need just two basic elements: air and pressure. These ingredients are the building blocks that will help you create the wondrous realm of space. Here’s a breakdown of what you need:

How to Make Space in Little Alchemy 2
Element+ Element= Element
Air+ PressureSpace

Make Space in Little Alchemy 2: Step by Step

Locate the Elements:

Start by finding the air element in your library of unlocked elements. The air element looks like a small cloud ☁️. Next, locate the pressure element. Pressure resembles a gauge that measures force ⚖️.

Combining Air and Pressure:

Once you’ve identified the air and pressure elements, it’s time to combine them! Drag the air element onto the pressure element, and you’ll witness a magical transformation. The two elements will fuse together, and a new element, space, will appear before your eyes! 🪐

Behold the Cosmos:

Congratulations! You’ve successfully created space in Little Alchemy 2. Take a moment to marvel at your creation, the vast and mysterious expanse that holds planets, stars, and galaxies. ✨

All the Combinations with Space in Little Alchemy 2

Space, the wondrous realm you’ve created in Little Alchemy 2, is a canvas for countless possibilities! Let’s explore the universe of combinations that involve space, where stars, planets, and galaxies await your discovery. 🌌

Element+ Element= Result
Space+ StarGalaxy
Space+ AstronautSpace Station
Space+ MoonNight
Space+ TelescopeObservatory
Space+ PlanetSolar System
Space+ MeteoroidMeteor Shower
Space+ RadiowaveRadar
Space+ AlienSpaceship
Space+ Light BulbLight
Space+ LifeAlien
Space+ GalaxyUniverse

🌟 Galaxy:

Combine space with a star, and you’ll witness the birth of a mesmerizing galaxy right before your eyes! Create a cosmic masterpiece in your very own Little Alchemy universe. 🌌

👨‍🚀 Space Station:

Pair space with an astronaut, and you’ll forge a link to a bustling space station. A hub of exploration and innovation, the space station awaits your command!

🌙 Night:

Merging space with the moon yields the enchanting wonder of the night. Let the moonlight guide your way as you continue your cosmic journey.

🔭 Observatory:

Combine space with a telescope to unveil an observatory, a place where astronomers peer into the depths of the universe to unlock its mysteries.

🪐 Solar System:

The combination of space and a planet unveils the intricate beauty of a solar system. Watch as planets dance around a central star in a harmonious celestial ballet.

🌠 Meteor Shower:

When space meets a meteoroid, prepare to witness the spectacular display of a meteor shower. Falling stars light up the night sky in a breathtaking spectacle.

📡 Radar:

Marrying space with a radio wave results in the creation of radar—a technology that enables us to detect objects and phenomena from afar.

🛸 Spaceship:

Combine space with an alien to bring forth a spaceship, a vessel that carries the wonders of life across the cosmic expanse.

💡 Light:

Merging space with a light bulb generates light itself. Illuminate your universe and banish the darkness with this luminous combination.

👽 Alien:

Pairing space with life reveals the enigmatic presence of an alien. Embrace the unknown and welcome extraterrestrial visitors to your world.

🌌 Universe:

The culmination of your cosmic journey is the fusion of space and a galaxy. Behold the birth of the universe—a majestic tapestry woven from stars, planets, and mysteries beyond imagination.


Little Alchemy 2 is a game of exploration and experimentation. The combinations listed above are just a few examples of the discoveries you can make using the space element.

Keep combining, keep exploring, and keep uncovering the endless wonders that the game has to offer. 🚀🌠🪐


Creating space in Little Alchemy 2 is a simple yet awe-inspiring process. By combining the air and pressure elements, you’ll unlock a whole new realm of possibilities within the game. From galaxies to stars,

the universe you create is limited only by your imagination. So, gather your ingredients, let your curiosity guide you, and embark on a cosmic adventure that’s waiting to unfold.

Note: This guide is intended for players of Little Alchemy 2 who are looking to create space within the game. The combination of air and pressure to make space is a fundamental feature of the game’s mechanics.

Enjoy your exploration of the universe within the game! 🌠


What are the ingredients needed to make space in Little Alchemy 2?

To create space in Little Alchemy 2, you’ll need the air element and the pressure element. Combine these two elements by dragging the air element onto the pressure element, and you’ll witness the birth of space right before your eyes! ☁️ + ⚖️ = 🪐

How do I find the air and pressure elements?

The air element looks like a tiny cloud ☁️, while the pressure element resembles a gauge that measures force ⚖️. Search through your unlocked elements in the game to locate these essential building blocks.

Can I do anything else with the space element?

Absolutely! Once you’ve successfully created space, you can continue your exploration by combining it with other elements. For instance, try combining space with stars to uncover constellations. The game is all about experimentation and discovery.

What other combinations can I try to create space-related elements?

While the basic combination of air and pressure creates space, you can experiment further. Combining space with other elements might lead you to fascinating results. Try combining space with planets, galaxies, or even astronauts to see what new elements you can discover!

I combined air and pressure, but I didn’t get space. What went wrong?

Don’t worry if your first attempt doesn’t yield space. Little Alchemy 2 is about trial and error. Double-check that you’ve dragged the air element onto the pressure element correctly. If it still doesn’t work, ensure that you’re using the correct versions of the elements

Can I create planets or stars using the space element?

Space itself is a fundamental element that serves as a backdrop for other creations. To create planets and stars, you’ll likely need to experiment with different combinations involving space and other elements. Keep trying and have fun discovering new celestial wonders!

Is creating space the ultimate goal of Little Alchemy 2?

Little Alchemy 2 doesn’t have a specific “ultimate” goal. The game’s charm lies in the process of exploration, discovery, and creativity. As you create and combine elements, you’ll uncover new possibilities and create your own unique universe within the game.

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