How to Make Squirrel in Little Alchemy 2

Hey there, folks who love nature and curious minds! Ever thought about making a cute, furry friend in Little Alchemy 2? Well, guess what? We’re about to spill the beans on “how to Make a Squirrel in Little Alchemy 2“! No need to run after critters up trees anymore we’ve got a special way just for you.

This guide helps you to Create a pretend squirrel using simple stuff. Forget about confusing formulas and tricky hints we’re giving you easy steps and fun mixes to turn your Little Alchemy world into a squirrel playground.

So, get ready to use your imagination, start a cool adventure, and let’s create your very own pretend buddy in Little Alchemy, easy-peasy!

4 Methods to Create Squirrel in Little Alchemy 2

here are the 4 Best Methods for you to Create Squirrel in Little Alchemy 2 just Follow the Steps as it and yes your Done

Method 1: Mouse + Tree Combine a mouse and a tree to get a squirrel.

Get a mouse by combining:

Get a tree by combining:

  • Plant + Time
  • Soil + Water
  • Life + Land

Method 2: Mouse + Plant Similar to the first method, but use a plant instead of a tree.

Get a plant by combining:

  • Water + Water
  • Soil + Air
  • Life + Earth

Method 3: Mouse + Nuts Combine a mouse and nuts to create a squirrel.

Get nuts by combining:

Method 4: Animal + Nuts Combine any other animal with nuts to make a squirrel.

Create an animal by combining:

  • Water + Life
  • Land + Life
  • Fire + Air

Try This If You Are Confused

  1. Use the Hint Button: If you’re stuck, the hint button provides clues about combinations.
  2. Undo Button: Correct mistakes using the undo button for your last move.
  3. Experiment: Little Alchemy 2 encourages trying different combinations, so explore!

Additional Tips:

  • Watch video tutorials or join online communities for extra guidance.
  • Enjoy the process and have fun crafting various creatures!

Advanced Methods to Make Squirrel in Little Alchemy 2

Method 5: Pressure + Animal

Combine pressure with an animal (created by combining air with air) to make a squirrel.

Method 6: Spark + Air

Combine a spark with air (created by combining fire with air) to craft a squirrel.

Method 7: Metal + Spark

Combine metal with a spark to explore another advanced method for making a squirrel.

Squirrel All Combinations in Little Alchemy 2

How to Make Squirrel in Little Alchemy 2
Squirrel CombinationResult
Squirrel + AirFlying Squirrel
Squirrel + BirdFlying Squirrel (alternative)
Squirrel + HummingbirdFlying Squirrel (alternative)
Squirrel + SeagullFlying Squirrel (alternative)
Squirrel + PigeonFlying Squirrel (alternative)
Squirrel + TimeAncient Squirrel
Squirrel + CaveCave Squirrel
Squirrel + ForestForest Squirrel
Squirrel + JungleJungle Squirrel
Squirrel + MountainMountain Squirrel
Squirrel + ParkPark Squirrel
Squirrel + PetPet Squirrel
Squirrel + SeasonSeasonal Squirrel (Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter)
Squirrel + ToolTool Squirrel (Hammer, Saw, Wrench)
Squirrel + WaterSwimming Squirrel
Squirrel + WheelPet Squirrel (alternative)

Bonus Combinations

Squirrel + Mythical CreatureResult
Squirrel + DragonSquirrel Dragon
Squirrel + FairySquirrel Fairy
Squirrel + GenieSquirrel Genie
Squirrel + UnicornSquirrel Unicorn

Best Animal Combinations in Little Alchemy 2 (All DLC Included)

Animal + NutsSquirrelVersatile starting point for various squirrel variations
Animal + TimeAncient AnimalAdds a mythical air to any creature
Animal + CaveCave AnimalCreates a mysterious and adaptable creature
Animal + ForestForest AnimalForms a vibrant, natural being
Animal + JungleJungle AnimalAdds exotic flair and diverse possibilities
Animal + MountainMountain AnimalCreates a hardy, majestic creature
Animal + ParkPark AnimalCaptures the charm of urban wildlife
Animal + ToolTool AnimalImagines fantastical creatures with unique skills
Animal + WaterSwimming AnimalExpands your creature’s habitat and capabilities
Animal + WheelPet AnimalCreates a fun and interactive companion
Bird + SeagullFlying AnimalA classic choice for soaring creatures
Bird + HummingbirdFlying AnimalAdds agility and precision to flight
Bird + PigeonFlying AnimalCreates an urban-adapted flyer
Bird + FeatherWinged AnimalOffers more variety in wing types and patterns
Fish + WaterAmphibianBridges the gap between land and water
Fish + AirFlying FishGlides over the waves with wings or fins
Fish + CaveDeep Sea CreatureExplores the dark and mysterious depths
Fish + CoralReef CreatureAdds vibrant colors and unique interactions
Reptile + EggHatchlingIntroduces the element of growth and metamorphosis
Reptile + VenomPoisonous AnimalAdds an element of danger and intrigue
Reptile + ShellShelled AnimalProvides protection and unique adaptations
Reptile + DesertDesert CreatureCaptures the resilience of arid environments
Mythical Creature + AnimalHybrid CreatureCombines mythical and real-world elements for unique results
Dragon + AnimalDraconic BeastCreates a powerful and majestic hybrid
Unicorn + AnimalHorned CreatureAdds grace and mythical charm to any animal
Fairy + AnimalFae CompanionBlends nature with magic for whimsical results
Genie + AnimalWishful CreatureGrants unique abilities and magical interactions

What is A Squirrel in Little Alchemy 2

squirrel is a lively and adorable virtual representation of the real-life species found in forests and parks. Here’s a snapshot of what defines a squirrel in the game:


  • Category: Animal
  • Appearance: Small, furry, and adorned with a bushy tail, typically brown or gray.
  • Behavior: Displays tree-climbing, nut-burying, and quick scampering actions.
  • Creation: Crafted through combinations like mouse + tree, animal + nuts, or pressure + animal.


  • Combinations: Forms the basis for creating other creatures, such as a flying squirrel with air, cave squirrel with cave, or pet squirrel with a wheel.
  • Evolution: Can evolve into various squirrel types, including forest squirrel, mountain squirrel, or seasonal squirrels.

Overall, a squirrel in Little Alchemy 2 brings a natural and playful element to the game, allowing for diverse combinations and enhancing the joy of creative exploration and discovery.


There you go, fellow alchemists! Armed with these reliable combinations, your Little Alchemy 2 world is now filled with adorable, fluffy-tailed friends. Keep in mind, experimenting is the secret keep mixing, discovering, and soon

your squirrels will be frolicking everywhere. Keep an eye out for bonus combos and hidden squirrel transformations!

So, go ahead, channel your inner nature wizard, and may your squirrel creations bring boundless joy to your virtual realm. Happy alchemy!


I can’t seem to find any nuts or trees! How do I get them?

Don’t worry, there are multiple paths to your squirrelly goal! You can create nuts by combining pressure + air, earth + stone, or even tree + field. For trees, try plant + time, soil + water, or life + land.

I combined mouse + tree but I got a different animal! What gives

Little Alchemy 2 loves to surprise! The element combinations may lead to different outcomes based on internal calculations. Keep trying, and you’ll eventually reach your fluffy friend.

Are there any special squirrels beyond the basic one?

Absolutely! Combine your squirrel with air for a flying squirrel, a cave for a cave squirrel, or specific seasons for autumn, spring, summer, and winter variations.

I’m stuck! Any other creative ways to make a squirrel?

Sure! Try pressure + animal, spark + air, or metal + spark. You can even get adventurous with mythical creatures like squirrel dragons and squirrel fairies!

Where can I find more tips and tricks for Little Alchemy 2?

Online communities and video tutorials are a great resource! Don’t hesitate to search for tips, ask questions, and share your own squirrel-y discoveries.

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