How to Make Universe in Little Alchemy 2

Little Alchemy 2 is a fascinating game where you can combine various elements to create new ones. In this cosmic journey, we’ll explore creating a universe in Little Alchemy 2 within the game, unlocking the mysteries of space using easy words and a touch of humor.

So, fasten your seatbelts, and let’s jump on an adventure to how to Make Universe in Little Alchemy 2! Also one more thing this is an all-tested method that you can use 100% so now quickly Get Started!

Ingredients to Make Universe in Little Alchemy 2

here are the Ingredients that you will need during the process of Creating Universe In LIttle Alchemy2 So check that table for a Better Understanding

How to Make Universe in Little Alchemy 2
ElementHow to Make It
Galaxy ClusterCombine two galaxies (Yes, galaxies can cuddle up!)
UniverseMerge two galaxy clusters (Big cosmic hug!)

Now, Let’s Cook Up The Universe, Step By Step:

Take two galaxies and mix them together. Voila! You’ve got yourself a galaxy cluster. It’s like making friends at a galactic party.

But we’re not done yet! To create the universe, combine two galaxy clusters. It’s like bringing two epic parties together to create the ultimate shindig – the universe!

Congratulations, you’re now a cosmic chef extraordinaire! You’ve made the universe in Little Alchemy 2. 🌌✨

Fun Fact: The universe is like the biggest jigsaw puzzle, with galaxies, stars, and planets as its pieces. It’s so vast that even Little Alchemy 2 can’t contain all its wonders!

All The Combinations and Recipes with Univers in Little Alchemy 2

now here are all the Combinations and recipes that you can try out ahead using the universe we have listed in a table for better understanding for you guys so let’s go ahead and check out

Element CombinationsResulting Element
Universe + LifeAlien
Universe + MetalAstronaut
Universe + PlantAlien Plant
Universe + HumanAlien
Universe + SpaceGalaxy
Universe + VoidBlack Hole
Universe + TimeSpaceTime
Universe + LightStar
Universe + EnergyStar

Just try out and Do experiments with different elements and enjoy mixing stuff I hope this will be helpful to you

Now let’s understand all this in a little More Detail

Recipe #1: Universe + Life = Alien

Imagine if our Universe met a little dash of “Life.” Bam! We get an “Alien.” Not the kind that says, “Take me to your leader,” but a super cool Little Alchemy-style alien.

Recipe #2: Universe + Metal = Astronaut

Now, if we add a spoonful of “Metal” to our Universe, it magically turns into an “Astronaut.” Space suit and all! Houston, we have a little astronaut-making recipe!

Recipe #3: Universe + Plant = Alien Plant

Ever heard of an “Alien Plant”? Well, mix “Universe” and “Plant,” and you’ll have a plant that’s out of this world. It probably grows space veggies, who knows?

Recipe #4: Universe + Human = Alien

Guess what happens when you combine “Universe” with a “Human”? Yep, you guessed it – another “Alien”! Our Universe sure likes making friends from other galaxies.

Recipe #5: Universe + Space = Galaxy

If you add a pinch of “Space” to our Universe, ta-da! It becomes a whole “Galaxy.” No need for a telescope; you can create your own.

Recipe #6: Universe + Void = Black Hole

Mix “Universe” with “Void,” and you’ve got yourself a “Black Hole.” Careful, though – it’s a little vacuum cleaner for space debris!

Recipe #7: Universe + Time = Space-Time

Time travel alert! Blend “Universe” with “Time,” and you’ll cook up some “Space-Time.” We’re not sure if it’s a DeLorean, but it’s probably close.

Recipe #8: Universe + Light = Star

Let’s add some “Light” to our Universe. Poof! It turns into a sparkling “Star.” That’s how stars are born, folks, in the world of Little Alchemy 2.

Recipe #9: Universe + Energy = Star

But wait, there’s more! Mix “Universe” with “Energy,” and – surprise, surprise – you also get a “Star.” It seems like our Universe has a thing for stars!

More Methods for Creating Universe Step-by-Step Guide

Little Alchemy 2 is a fascinating game where you can combine various elements to create new ones. In this cosmic journey, we’ll explore the universe within the game, unlocking the mysteries of space using easy words and a touch of humor.

So, fasten your seatbelts, and let’s jump on an adventure to create the universe in Little Alchemy 2!

Step 1:

The Basic Elements Our cosmic journey begins with the most fundamental elements in Little Alchemy 2. These are like the building blocks of the universe. We have four essential elements to start with: air, earth, fire, and water.

Imagine them as the cosmic dough that we’ll use to shape our universe.

Step 2:

Creating the Stars Now, let’s make some stars! To light up our universe, combine earth and fire. Boom! You’ve got stars. These celestial bodies are the heart of our cosmos, just like those bright and shiny bulbs on your holiday tree.

Step 3:

The Solar System The universe wouldn’t be complete without a solar system. To create one, combine a star and a planet. Ta-da! Now we have a sun and its planets, just like our very own solar system. It’s like arranging your toys in your room.

Step 4:

Space Exploration What’s the universe without spaceships? To create them, combine metal and steam. These cool spacecraft will help us explore the vastness of our cosmic creation. Imagine you’re driving your toy cars around the room but in space!

Step 5:

Moon and Sun To add a little more flair to our universe, let’s make a moon. Combine earth and space to create our lovely moon. It’s like adding a nightlight to your universe.

To complete this chapter, mix a planet and a sun to create a solar eclipse, where the sun hides behind the moon, just like peek-a-boo!

Step 6:

The Mysteries of the Universe We’ve built the basic elements, stars, planets, and even explored space. But the universe is full of mysteries. To create these enigmas, combine two humans. Just like us, these little humans ponder the mysteries of the cosmos.

Step 7:

Life in the Universe The universe can be a lonely place without life. Combine water and earth to create a swamp, where life might evolve. Then mix a swamp with energy to create life itself. It’s like baking cookies from scratch but with a cosmic twist.

Step 8:

Advanced Elements In Little Alchemy 2, you can create even more elements to expand your universe. Combine the elements you’ve created so far to see what new wonders you can discover.

It’s like playing with building blocks, making your universe bigger and more exciting.

So guys that’s all we had for you to help create Universe in the Game! Hope this was a helpful Guide for you.

here are some additional guides that can be helpful for you guys while doing some more experiments ahead in the game!


Congratulations, you’ve explored the universe in Little Alchemy 2! We started with the basic elements, created stars and planets, ventured into space, pondered the mysteries of the universe, and even added life to our cosmic playground.

Just like building your own Lego masterpiece, Little Alchemy 2 lets you construct your unique universe, one element at a time.

So, keep experimenting, and who knows what other cosmic wonders you might discover in this enchanting game. Happy cosmic crafting!


How can I create a Universe in Little Alchemy 2?

To make the universe in Little Alchemy 2, start by combining the basic elements: air, earth, fire, and water. This will be the foundation for your cosmic journey.

How do I construct a solar system?

You can create a solar system by combining a star and a planet. This will give you a sun with its orbiting planets, just like in our real solar system.

Can I explore space in the game?

Absolutely! You can create spaceships by combining metal and steam. These spacecraft will allow you to explore the universe you’ve created, just like an astronaut exploring the cosmos.

How can I make a moon and a solar eclipse?

To create a moon, combine earth and space. To form a solar eclipse, mix a planet and a sun, giving you the awe-inspiring moment when the sun hides behind the moon.

What about life in my universe?

To add life to your universe, mix water and earth to create a swamp, where life may evolve. Then combine a swamp with energy to generate life itself, just like life evolving on Earth.

Is there a specific order to create the universe?

There isn’t a fixed order to create the universe in Little Alchemy 2. Feel free to experiment and explore. Let your imagination guide you as you craft your unique cosmic world.

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